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Understanding Investing in Health Startups

November 10, 2021
Angels play a key role in funding early health and life sciences startups, particularly where non-diluted grant funds do not allow payment for business development. Apis Health Angels is a mini MBA in health investing and company due diligence. Investors can learn to ask the right questions and not accept at face value company responses. Please contact to learn more.

We are excited to see that there are two health-type startup companies Brainspace Medical and Violett in the finals of SAC 20.  These are just the most recent of the health companies that have participated in the Seattle Angel Conference. Other companies have been Abterra Biosciences (SAC19 winner), TENZR (SAC 15 winner), Conquer Experience (SAC IV),  Alertive now Carbon Health (SAC XIII winner), Curi-bio (SAC XIII winner).

With the increasing interest in the health life sciences sectors more companies are developing solutions and more individuals are wanting to participate in funding these solutions.  Our goal is to make a stronger health lifesciences ecosystem focused on more informed investors and more investable startups. We have created Apis Health Angels, a health/life sciences sector-specific angel conference to accomplish this. The program has two components; skill building and investment.

INVESTORS often ask what are the due diligence components that are unique and important to consider when looking at an investment in health. These components may be regulatory, reimbursement, business models, and intellectual property to name a few. To better address this education need,  check out our upcoming  workshops and past workshop recordings . Interested in taking the next step in investment education and participation by joining a group of accredited interesting investors, please contact

STARTUP FOUNDERS benefit from applications to our program. We help put the structure in achieving the necessary components to be ready for investor due diligence.  Investors expect companies to make week over week progress on preparing their companies for investment through dialogue, analysis of the financials/business models etc.

December 1 Apis Health Angels Registration Deadline

Apis Company Registration. For more information please contact and see

Angels play an important role in funding health and biotech startups. Apis Health Angels and Seattle Angel Conference are excited to contribute.

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