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Investor Information

Become an Angel Investor

We are developing the muscles required to be successful angel investors.
This includes:
- understanding the health ecosystem,
- doing a diagnostic on the market space and the companies that are offering solutions of services or products,
- evaluating the founders’ capabilities, and
- conducting a cost-benefit analysis to bringing a solution to commercialization.

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Growing new Angel Investors

The Seattle Angel Conference connects angel investors with startup entrepreneurs. We expect that investors will gather as a cohort, begin an investment portfolio, and network with others in the investment ecosystem.

If Interested in participating as an investor in the program, please contact us.

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Seattle Angel Conference program for angel investing and startup funding in Seattle, WA

Learn by Doing

Work with experienced investors.

Assess companies to determine what makes a GOOD COMPANY.

elect finalists and determine what makes a GOOD DEAL.

Get Perspective on the Startups and Investors

This program has Startups and Investors spending a lot of learning time together.

Understanding consistent terminology, sector players, required policies, and frameworks. Over the program both the companies and the investors evolve. Founders that don't change over the 12 weeks are not fast-growing companies.

Your learnings are customized to your commitment.

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Seattle Angel Conference to win funding for your startup or learn how to angel invest logo
Seattle Angel Conference is a program to learn how to angel invest and for startup companies seeking funding. Seattle Angel Conference is a program of Mossy Ventures.
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