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Angel investing and startup funding program

The Seattle Angel Conference (SAC) is a program for growing the startup and angel investor ecosystems in the greater Seattle area. Attend workshops, register your startup in the conference, or inquire about whether Angel Investing is for you.
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Our workshops prepare people for our early pre-seed investment program. 
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Find out more about the Angel Investing Journey. Program includes meetings on Tuesdays and some Wednesdays 6-8:30 PST.
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Submit your company to the next Seattle Angel Conference program. Early Registrants receive a mentor.
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Our mission

The Seattle Angel Conference creates stronger startups and more effective Angel Investors with a "Learning by Doing" approach.

More angel investors

About 10% of our community are "Accredited" by Federal law, however, most don't invest. The Angel Conference provides a "learning by doing" pathway for getting started in Angel Investing.

To be "Accredited", you need a net worth over $1M or you need an annual income over $200K. Many in our tech community are accredited, but don't know it.

By having more Angel Investors, we are able to accelerate the early stage startups that drive the next economy.
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Seattle Angel Conference program for angel investing and startup funding in Seattle, WA
Seattle Angel Conference winners of startup funding pool

Better angel investors

By having more Angel Investors, we are able to accelerate the early stage startups that drive the next economy.

However, it is important to understand the language, tools and structures when you participate in angel investing. 

Our program holds formal workshops and informal discussions on what it means to be a "good" angel investor. Part of this is seeing a lot of deal flow, part is knowing what dimensions are important when evaluating company and the last component is knowing how you should be structuring individual deals and developing your investment thesis to create your investment portfolio. 
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Stronger startups

Every participating startup gets a review of their company and the opportunity for feedback. As Angel Investors ask harder questions, the company materials and narrative becomes more robust. In addition, companies get introduced to dozens of active Angel Investors. Finding an investor champion among these investors is a great win for participating companies.
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Blogs and News

April 27, 2022
Seattle Angel Conference (SAC21) Finalists Selected

Meet Curie, Grist Analytics, Hal9, Instinct, Pure Blue Tech, and Skip Technologies, SAC21 Finalists!

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December 4, 2021
Winner receives $200,000 Investment, 40 Angel Investors gain hands on investment training.

Can you see your startup on the stage for SAC 21? Will you be part of our investment pool? Contact John Dex to learn more!

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November 14, 2021
SAC 20 Finalist Companies

These 5 Startups are getting good traction and are presenting at the SAC 20 Final Demo Day November 17. Come and cheer them on.

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These are unsolicited testimonials from Angel Investors and Startups.

  • Lukas-Karim Merhi testimonial portrait headshot

    Lukas-Karim Merhi --BIT/TENZR

    "SAC mentorship and diligence helped refine BIT/TENZR company strategy and introduced us to the PNW investment ecosystem. Not only did their due diligence process and report accelerate securing additional funding from other notable Angel groups but played a key role in supporting our US expansion plans."

    Elaine Werffeli Seattle Angel Conference Investor Portrait Headshot

    Elaine Werfelli: Investor
    Data Deity, Entrepreneur

    "I have been participating in the Seattle Angel Conference since SAC VII and I always learn something new, advance my investing thesis, get introductions to many new local start-ups, diversify my portfolio and meet new Angel colleagues... and have a fun time doing it! If you are interested in learning more about Angel Investing, come check out SAC and if you are an entrepreneur seeking funding, we are interested in hearing more about your startup!"
    Sirisha Adimatyami participating company in Apis Health Angels conference testimonial

    Sirisha Adimatyami: Founder, Innovosens

    "Innovosens entered the inaugural cohort of Apis Health Angels. Although Innovosens didn’t make it to the Finals, I enjoyed participating. All the companies were great, and getting to know the fellow companies was very exciting! I am thankful for the opportunity! I will need your suggestions and support and will stay in touch and look forward to any further opportunities to pitch. While I am still fundraising, I want to share the good news that I have incorporated, already gathered $500k from different Angels, and continue with the process. Thank you once again!"

  • Chelsea Carter testimonial portrait headshot

    Chelsea Carter - Investor, Fund Manager

    I've was fortunate to find SAC early on as I learned about investing. SAC provides some of the most comprehensive "learning by doing" opportunity I have seen, in addition to the group having the support of active investors in the larger investing community in Seattle. It is without a doubt the best way I have found to gain a lot of knowledge and experience quickly (though one can never stop learning about this space!) and meet many people who want to grow the investing community in Seattle. Sure, one could easily join a syndicate - but you don't get the same focused discussions or experience digging into early stage companies that SAC provides.

    Elliot Fisher Curi Bio testimonial portrait headshot

    Elliot Fischer - Curi Bio

    "Glad to hear you're planning on expanding the Seattle angel community by launching a new forum for angel investment - we (Curi Bio) had a great experience with the Seattle Angel Conference, thanks in large part to John."

    Alex Alviar Seattle Angel Conference Investor Portrait Headshot

    Alex Alviar - Investor

    “I love working with such a diverse and talented group of people. We make better decisions together."

Frequently Asked Questions at the Seattle Angel Conference

How does the Seattle Angel Conference work?
The Angel Conference program is a structured investment. In the beginning, we start with a series of workshops to attract, teach and grow new investors and startups. It then goes into an "American Idol" style selection phase with startup pitches, company visits, and Q&A from investors. We aim for 50+ applying companies with 30-40 investors. We try to have a balance of 50/50 between new investors and previous investors. Each investor contributes $6000 to create a fund between $150K and $200K. After narrowing the companies down to six finalists, the investors split up into due diligence teams to dig deeper into the companies. Finally, we host a big demo-day event where the finalists present and the investors select the winner who will receive the investment. Some time the investors choose to do a side car on one or several other companies. 
How many times a year does it run?
The Seattle Angel Conference runs twice a year. The Spring conference has an application deadline in February and the final event is in May. The Fall conference has an application deadline of August and the final event is in November.
Can I become an Angel Investor?
An Angel Investor is someone who invests their own money into an un-registered startup. This is allowed through an SEC exemption for "Accredited Investors" in Reg D 506(b). To be accredited, you need to have an annual income of $200K or $300K with your spouse, or you need to have a net worth of more than $1M, not including your primary residence.

To be a "good" Angel Investor, you need to understand the structure of companies, how the team works together, how the financials are being managed and the risks the business is facing. You should also understand how a portfolio of 20+ companies can be created to make up for the risk associated with any individual early staged company.

A good place to start is to read the book by David Rose called "Angel Investing"

If you are not "Accredited" (yet), then you might look at Equity Crowdfunding as a pathway to getting started in angel investing.
What kinds of companies do you look for?
The Angel Conference looks for companies that are early, often pre-seed and seed. However, we want them to be more than just an idea. We want to see evidence that the team can work together on a business and that the market cares about the result. Traction often looks like growing revenue. We expect applicants to be growth companies that have a pathway to making a significant change in valuation and have a pathway to an exit.

The Seattle Angel Conference has no sector bias and accepts companies from North America. 
What terms do you invest with?
We are looking at early companies that have typically taken grants, and friends and family money and are seeking outside investment. We tend to invest in a convertible note. We will work with the founder to consider their other funding agreements. 
Can the public watch the final event?
Yes. Allowing the public to view the final event helps grow the investor and startup ecosystem in the greater Seattle area; Interested accredited investors get to learn more about the process and early staged companies get to see what it takes to become a fundable company.
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Seattle Angel Conference is a program to learn how to angel invest and for startup companies seeking funding. Seattle Angel Conference is a program of Mossy Ventures.
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