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SummaryStaging & Design Network has created the first shared Rental Pool of home furnishings in the marketplace. Our technology enables 1000's of members to co-mingle home furnishings inventory on rental orders where multiple owners earn rental and/or sales income.OverviewIn our simplest form we are a technology, supply-chain and logistics solution for sharing member owned inventory. We offer a shared Rental Pool, Resale Gallery, Service Directory and Design Center. Our members BUY, RENT and SELL their home furnishings inventory through our network.ProblemOn a micro level Stagers struggle with sourcing home furnishings on a short term basis for multiple staging projects. On a macro level the industry wide solution is to share resources such as storage, inventory, logistics support, rental inventory and products to sell. However, it’s a difficult if not impossible to share inventory without software to track expenses and disburse payment to multiple owners for all of these services. SolutionWe are often described as the Amazon for rentals. We’ve developed technology to market member owned inventory, track co-mingled assets, and disburse income to, owners. New stagers can start stager with zero capital investment renting from Stagers who want to generate income from their investment. By sharing inventory each member now has access to 1000's of unique pieces suitable for homes of any style or price point.Revenue Model Major revenue streams: Rentals: 60% of all member owned rental income. 100% of all SDN owned rental income. Sales: 40% of all member owned resale income. 77% gm on New product sales (Members receive 10-30% discount off retail) Value Added ServicesStorage Fees - $1.95/mo for each item in our system (half the cost of public storage). Membership dues: 2 levels. Delivery fees $120 each way. Design Services.

Seattle Angel Conference to win funding for your startup or learn how to angel invest logo
Seattle Angel Conference is a program to learn how to angel invest and for startup companies seeking funding. Seattle Angel Conference is a program of Mossy Ventures.
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