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The Getty images of VR.Kipple is a reality based virtual reality asset service. Customers and developers are able to acquire the assets needed for their virtual reality project through our service. We offer two overlapping services. They are the Kipple Marketplace and Kipple Studios. Kipple Studios is a small high end scanning service for enterprise customers. Allowing companies to showcase their products and services with the aid of virtual reality. Kipple studios will also retain the rights to the assets it creates. These assets will continue to be available on the Kipple Marketplace. Our market place, will offer a wide range of reality based VR assets. There we will continue to resell the assets we create with Kipple studios. These assets will continue to generate income beyond the one time contract with the initial client. The marketplace will also allow for 3rd party vendors to upload and sell their own reality based assets. In addition it will be a platform for partnered companies to create catered asset libraries of their products and environments for VR developers, advertising, and direct sales.With VR turning white hot there will be a flood of corporate customers who will “want to get in the VR thing so we don’t Facebook again”. There are more objects in this world than can ever be scanned. It will take an army of company’s decades to scan the world. It will happen eventually. There will be fortunes made. We are taking a chicken and egg approach to this emerging market. This approach will allow us to generate income from clients while creating assets for the marketplace. As we grow the marketplace library the need for reality based assets will also grow. The 3rd party asset services that exist now will begin to create realty based assets that they can then resell on our marketplace. There are massive players in this field. While they are like big grocery stores, we are the small specialty shop. They cover everything from video games to mobile apps. All computer generated graphics. They are dependent on 3rd party developers to create their assets. Kipple will be focused solely on reality based VR assets. While also having the ability to create the assets needed for companies wanting to get their products into virtual reality. Marketplace sites are not a new thing. The library’s needed to create these services already exist. A little UX work and you have a unique functioning marketplace. A large development team is not needed. Contract the main build. And hire a consultant part time to maintain the site until a full time staff member is needed. The real technical ability that will be needed is creating reality based assets and monetizing them. That is our specialty. We have the background. The experience, and the team to take on this problem. Kipple will become the backbone of reality based virtual reality for enterprise.

Seattle Angel Conference to win funding for your startup or learn how to angel invest logo
Seattle Angel Conference is a program to learn how to angel invest and for startup companies seeking funding. Seattle Angel Conference is a program of Mossy Ventures.
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