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Millions of companies leverage miles & points to increase their clients' loyalty level. These companies agree to provide some extra-value for free, and thus making the deal beneficial for both of sides. But what if customers do want to have more of operators services? What if they would like to take cash instead? Well, today it is impossible. And will work for solving this problem.Let's imagine - I am a frequent traveler, who spends 90% of his working hours on flights, lives in hotels, eats in restaurants. Apparently in few years of such life I have plenty of points and miles. Each company wants me as I usually choose the solutions which fit me the most, and I don't like to change anything and to risk. But, I do want to travel more etc. Thus I have a bunch of points and I am not going to use them. Instead of that - I have a need in extra cash. Talking to some people who have a need to travel with the same airlines I found that I can sell my points. But how to do that smoothly? For this purpose I would like to use Only three clicks and I sell my points. Another person receives points and use them for buying a ticket. Operator receives commission from the deal. While I receive the cash that I need to cover my credit card bills. Everybody's happy, right? But the problem is that such service as does not exist yet.

Seattle Angel Conference to win funding for your startup or learn how to angel invest logo
Seattle Angel Conference is a program to learn how to angel invest and for startup companies seeking funding. Seattle Angel Conference is a program of Mossy Ventures.
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